Not All Airline Flight Attendant Jobs Are Created Equal

Airline flight attendant jobs with the major airlines are without doubt the most competitive to obtain. Certainly there is a real attraction for many applicants because of the working conditions and overseas destinations they visit, stay and enjoy not to mention the lifestyle you’ll lead.

A big question for many is where do you find these airline flight attendant jobs, because you maybe thinking I don’t see them advertised anywhere. How do I get the scoop and be first to apply?

The real question is how do I prepare myself so that I am ready to apply when the opportunity comes along?

To answer the first question prematurely would be to advise you to visit each and every airline web site and look up their careers ‘tab’, although I’ve known airlines to actively recruit for flight attendants even though they have not advertised for them. Many will pull from their data base of resumes ‘on hold’.

The best I suggest right here to keep informed of news as it comes to hand is to simply like our facebook page also as I send out information as I get it to all those that do register to receive it. And while it is not totally comprehensive because I don’t watch every airline, I am regularly informed of recruitment days and other good to know information.

As I’ve already written about on this web site, the hardest part about a flight attendant job is getting the job. So the real question is how do you prepare yourself for airline flight attendant jobs is for most people, where they should be starting.

This web site will provide you a lot of that information or you can get the jump and go straight to the AIRLINES Be a Flight Attendant today program and learn what I have learned over nearly 20 years and 5 successful airline interviews.

I guess however you should not limit yourself to airline flight attendant jobs with just the majors. Sure, for some they are the considered pinnacle of flying. You fly big aircraft which for me really is a constant thrill. With the right airline, you also get to travel to the far reaches of the world and be paid for it at the same time. It really is a lifestyle.

For me this too was a giant plus to my personal growth. I started out life on a farm some 22 miles or 36 kms (depending where you are in the world) from a small country town. Having seldom visited a city as I grew up on the farm to now flying to cities throughout South East Asia like, Shanghai, Soul in South Korea, Osaka in Japan, Hong Kong and others, it was an experience that money for me couldn’t buy! Add to that cheap staff travel to holiday anywhere in the world and for my world at the time, I was literally in heaven. (At the very least I was cruising close to it every day at work!)

However, let’s not pass up the pluses of airline flight attendant jobs with smaller domestic/national or commuter/regional airlines.

I should point out here that the northern and southern hemispheres tend to call their airline operations by slightly different names. So depending on where you are when you are reading this then pick the right description between domestic/national and regional/commuter airlines.

National airlines in the Northern hemisphere include companies such as JetBlue, AirTran, Frontier, Midway and Spirit and they operate in the confines of North and Central America, Canada and Caribbean for example.

Domestic airlines down under include VirginBlue, Qantas domestic, QLink, JetStar and they operate Australia wide but have strategically placed bases that they fly out of.

Regional/commuter airlines (sometimes call feeder airlines) of which I’m sure you can name a handful without thinking are more locally based and tend to operate back to home base every day.

However, moving on...

While international travel for me was excellent and really suited my lifestyle, you may be a person that wants to stay within your own country or at least not more than a few hours flight from home and not having to pack a suit case for a week or more. You may not like having to deal with sleep deprivation and jet lag.

You maybe someone that doesn’t want to relocate because you have a small family at home and a partner that wants to see you more often than once every week or 10 days. Yes there are compromises and many of them are personal.

A domestic carrier or small commuter airline can sometimes attract fewer applicants but don’t be fooled into thinking that it will be less competitive to get into although this is not a hard and fast rule. A small commuter airline also offers a chance to go to work and be your own boss as you are often the only crew member on that flight.

This obviously has its distinct advantages and if the airline doesn’t over night you’ll be back home every day. Yes although different to the jet setting lifestyle, it may just be the lifestyle that you are looking for so don’t pass up looking at airline flight attendant jobs with the smaller commuter/regional and domestic/national airlines.

It should be remembered also that some of the benefits of working for the big guys are attached to the smaller operators with reciprocal travel benefits so you may still get to travel at heavily reduced rates during your holidays.

In your search for airline flight attendant jobs, one of the beauties of operating the smaller aircraft can be familiar faces. With fewer options to fly for those that have to when using the services of a smaller operator, you will get to know many of your passengers. Now depending on where you are when you are reading this or at least where you will be when you fly in these smaller aircraft of a given size will depend on how many flight attendants will be on board.

In Australia it is mandatory to have one flight attendant per 36 passengers of part thereof and in the USA mandatory staffing is one flight attendant per 50 people or part thereof.

So for many, you will be operating solo or with just one other flight attendant when you go to work. This is markedly different for the big birds of the sky when you can have up to 28 crew on an A380! Imagine that. 28 crew to party with on overnights. Again, this may not be for some and the challenge of being a one-person-show for many is where it is at. You are it.

When it comes to pay airlines vary markedly and it depends on so much such as union, non-union, commuter, National, Low cost, full service, International and multi lingual etc. Plus you have to factor in the benefits be it medical, the ability to salary sacrifice, overnight allowances, uniform, catering or no catering as some low cost airlines dangerously insist on.

In the end not all airline flight attendant jobs are created equal and it will get down to you reading the conditions of employment or simply asking a worker from that airline just what the pay and for that matter what the airline is like to work for.

You will find that most airlines have a great camaraderie between the troops. I know that from my time at Ansett and when they collapsed, the camaraderie and more so the culture was one of the biggest things that I missed. We were family.

And you too, if you stay long enough will surely develop lifetime relationships with people within your company. That for me was worth all the years that I had at Ansett.

The one thing that you may have to consider with smaller and low cost carriers is a training bond. What started with low cost carriers such as Ryan air and Easy jet and the likes of Tiger airways in Singapore and Australia is for the companies to value their training. While they don’t charge you, they will tie you to a bond. For most this is about $3000 pro-rata over 24 months. This means that you get the training for free however if you were to leave at say the 12 month mark you would owe the company $1500.

I know airline flight attendant jobs and their conditions vastly different to the big boys but in the operating world of small margins I guess low cost carriers have to cover their costs every way they can.

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