Airline Flight Attendant Careers – How do you get them and the internet search terms used to find them

Airline flight attendant careers are, have been and always will be competitive to get however they are not hard to get. While that may seem a diametrically opposed statement or contradiction in terms, it isn’t to those that have successfully applied to an airline and now fly as a flight attendant.

Certainly the process can be involved or lengthy and even daunting but it would appear for many, only for those applicants that either don’t know where to look, are under prepared or are totally ‘winging’ the whole process. 

For many of those that know what the airline system for hiring flight attendants is and further, who know how to handle that system in regard to the knowledge of the system and why and how it is used and further, the expectations that the interviewers have of applicants, it is not only easy but a valid expectation that they will get the job.

The process of applying for airline flight attendant careers

This essentially follows three steps of application (and acceptance), group interviews and one-on-one interviews. Contrary to what many first time ‘wanna be’ flight attendants who failed either their group or one-on-one interviews said, many applicants that proved to be successful stated that prior preparation was their key to their success.

For those that failed the second or third steps it is very apparent that while an expectation to get the job is held by most applicants, the reality of that expectation was little more than hope with crossed fingers.

Successful applicants state that on average, they spent four to five hours a week searching the internet visiting web sites, blogs and forums under various search terms in an attempt to prepare for what many refer to as their dream job. Anecdotally, it appeared that the longer an applicant had the dream of becoming a flight attendant, the longer they searched the internet for airline flight attendant careers information and the better prepared they were.

Some of the search words and phrases reported as being used among many for AIRLINE FLIGHT ATTENDANT CAREERS information searches were:

1) flight attendant careers

2) flight attendant jobs

4) flight attendant resume sample

5) flight attendant training

6) airline careers

7) become a flight attendant and...

8) flight attendant job interview to name the top eight.

The top eight search terms used for flight attendant jobs with AIRLINES were:

1) Delta airlines jobs

2) Southwest airline jobs

3) airline careers

4) United airline jobs

5) American airlines jobs

6) Continental airline jobs and somewhat strangely

7) Qantas flight attendant and...

8) Skywest flight attendant.

Airline Flight Attendant Careers - an equal mix

Their appeared an equal mix of those that attended flight attendant training schools or took any specified flight attendant training school online certificate or Diploma course.

Prices of such flight attendant employment preparation ranged from the seemingly expensive courses offered through the schools that needed personal attendance of upwards of $6000.00 to 7000.00 dollars!

Online Diploma courses and certificates were generally priced under $250.00

Validity and usefulness of the content and value received from such pre-employment preparation ranged from positive statements of, ‘excellent’ and ‘brilliant’, right down to a very negative of, ‘extremely poor’ and ‘save your money’.

So how do you get flight attendant jobs? 
The key is research and preparation because the sheer number of airlines in the world ensured that there is always someone hiring flight attendants through good times and bad. Airlines not only hired for growth but also for replacement of staff which explains many of the flight attendant jobs available in the down time.

Expansion of an airline always provides more opportunity for jobs of course with every aircraft needing between 4 and 6 crews to crew the aircraft depending on the numbers of hours it is in service every day.

Research and preparation means not only gaining knowledge of the airline concerned, the planes and routes flown, the correct dress standards and personal presentation but also...

1) Cover letter and resume formation and application

2) How to avoid the interview cull process

3) How to literally blitz your one-on-one interview and...

to also know the job description with intimate familiarity and to have a good healthy dose of general aviation knowledge.

The bonus of preparation gives applicants a real confidence and this shows in good communication and articulation shown at interviews which are two great qualities to demonstrate in front of any interviewer of airline flight attendant jobs. 

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