Airline Careers Are In Demand Around The World For Very Good Reason

Airline careers have an attraction the world over because there is no other industry like it. There are many choices of entry and for the most part the jobs are well paid in comparison to other industries.

The benefits are excellent, the culture and reach of the industry spans the globe, aviation can provide rapid career growth potential and the allure of cheap travel and other great benefits are a constant for those that work in the industry.

It’s an inviting mix for job seekers and while there are many points of entry or airline careers on offer, like many industries it gets back to education and training. For the most part the more you do the more or better the job you qualify for. This naturally leads to better pay, conditions and benefits. And let’s face it, if we have to work for a living we may as well get paid well for our efforts, enjoy what we do and the lifestyle that goes with it.

There is one stand-out exception here however and let me explain that in a moment.

You have many options and points of entry to an airline career. Your broad options include:

Aviation marketing and communications

Charter of Commercial aviation careers

Airline technical services and engineering

Airline cargo services

Airport services and operations

Flight operations

In-flight services

Airline Catering

Aviation Human resources

Flight Training

Aviation Finance

Airline security

Airline standards and procedures

Pilot crew • Reserve flight attendant

And the list continues...

An airline career is sought after and flight attendant employment has natural attraction and allure for people because for the most part, those that have these jobs make them their career because they are rewarded well and receive great benefits.

Most recognise if they put in the study, time and effort and dedicate themselves to learn what’s required, then an airline career is for life.

Here’s the exception to the norm...

Become a Flight Attendant – yes become a flight attendant and you can have all the benefits mentioned, of good pay, great conditions, belong to a global culture, travel, adventure and a lifestyle that I can only describe as both privileged and sensational! In fact A Flight Attendant Career will give you the quartet of human desires... freedom, money, lifestyle and love!

And no, you won’t have to study for 3 or 4 years, no you don’t have to serve an apprenticeship learning the ropes and no you won’t have to spend $1000’s of dollars in tuition or acquire mounting HEC’s fees that will take you years to pay off. What you will have to do is to have a high school degree or Government Equivalency Degree (G.E.D.) or (year 12 in the Southern Hemisphere).

You will of course need to be a people person who can meet with the job description . Obviously there will be a flight attendants training program that you’ll have to pass and no it will not require you to study for 3 or 4 years but rather just 4 to 6 weeks. (Depending on the airline you join.) And I promise you it will be fun. Hard work yes and full on study, but fun too!

Please take note of that. In less than 6 weeks training you take to the air in a job that is sought after around the world. Provided that you have not had ‘too much’ fun, applied yourself when need be and obtained your flight attendant certification, then you’ll be good to go.

If you happen to join an international airline let me put you in a reality picture here.

Having flown domestically for many years and internationally now for about 4 years, I prefer the international flying even though I wouldn’t swap my time when I flew closer to home. So here’s the reality of flight attendants who hold down international airline careers.

From day one after just 6 weeks training you could be flying to, visiting or laying over in Milan, Paris, Sydney, London, Madrid or any of a 1000 other cities in the world. You could be staying in the Hotel Savoy, Hilton, Regent, Sofatel or equivalent. You will be earning good money (which varies between airlines and length of service), spending tax free allowances and enjoying the culture of a brand new city.

Here’s my point... tell me what other industry will enable someone with a minimum standard of education and just six weeks training to lead this sort of lifestyle and be open to all the benefits I’ve just mentions plus more! Yes airline careers are great, flight attendant careers for me however are the pick of the list.

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