Air Wisconsin Airlines - an environment of trust and respect

Jobs at Air Wisconsin Airlines are held with pride by all employees because the company goal is to create an environment of trust, respect and recognition of your efforts.

It’s what makes a job much more than a job, rather a career that is viewed long term with stability and purpose. As the largest independently held regional airline in the USA every employee takes responsibility for promoting and practising safety and take great pride in building a stable airline and company people want to work for and do business with.

Founded in 1965 and with mergers of Mississippi Valley Airlines and Aspen Airways in 1985 and 1991 respectively, Air Wisconsin Airlines are a company with significant history. 

With private investors purchasing the airline in 1993 and changing the name slightly to Air Wisconsin Airlines Corporation, they continue to also operate as United Express with routes that stretch from Colorado to the eastern seaboard. Their major partner is US Airways.

Today, Air Wisconsin operate 70 CRJ regional jets which carry 50 passengers that perform nearly 500 departures a day bound to almost 70 city and country destinations in some 26 US states and two Canadian provinces. This unites passengers from their hometowns to the hub of airline connections closest to them for onward travel to countless destinations. In all, Air Wisconsin Airlines carries nearly 6 million passengers a year.

In addition the airline is in partnership with US Airways and United Airlines and is a also a ground-handler for United Express at over 30 locations throughout the country.

Flight Attendants seeking Air Wisconsin careers

While their web site states to follow established guidelines, no guidelines are given for application other than to apply online.

Should you need further direction in what is required to put yourself in the box seat, you are invited to view The Secrets of Flight Attendant Interviews

Air Wisconsin stipulates in their opening statement that their Flight Attendants perform a variety of services to provide for the safety and comfort of their passengers. You must also have the capability to govern in-flight security issues and handle emergency situations. The flight attendant position also requires you to be able to deal effectively with people in a professional manner.

If you’re looking to submit an application you must first meet their requirements which are:

Age minimum of 19 years

High school diploma or equivalent

Valid civilian passport and the authorization to travel to and from all cities and countries served by Air Wisconsin

Able to successfully complete federally mandated 10-year background check,FBI fingerprinting requirements and pre-employment drug screen

1-2 years of customer service experience

Legal authorization to work in the United States

Be adaptable and have the ability to perform effectively under stress

Not exceed a maximum height of 5'10" (without shoes)

Ability to reach a minimum of 68" above the ground

Able to stand, stoop, bend, squat, twist, turn and be able to push, pull and lift up to 75 lbs.

Able to read, write, understand and converse proficiently in English, the common language used among Flight, Maintenance and Cabin crews

Flexibility to work varied schedules, including days, nights, weekends and holidays

You must also be the holder of a valid passport and be willing to relocate to any one of five company domiciles after 5 weeks of training.

Crew bases and company domiciles are located at:

1. Washington, DC

Philadelphia, PA

Norfolk, VA

LaGuardia, NY

Raleigh-Durham, NC

You will first need to submit your application on-line and should that be successful you will then need to attend a recruiting session.   

More information on the how to of Air Wisconsin Flight Attendant jobs and career availability with other airlines check out The Secrets of flight attendant Interviews

Employment is contingent upon you being successful in the selection process which includes a 10 year security background (police check) plus fingerprint check and pre-employment drug test.

Rosters or work schedules after graduation will see you on-call as a reserve duty flight attendant which will cover a 24/7 time period. Yes weekends and public holidays included. You’ll get 9 to 10 days off in the work month.

Your wages are set by collective bargaining with the AFA.

If you’d like to know more you can contact the Human Resources Department here:

Air Wisconsin Airlines
2 International Plaza
Suite #560
Lester, PA 19113

Travel Privileges

All regular Air Wisconsin Airlines employees, be you part of full time, and your spouse or partner along with your children, parents or registered guest get to enjoy free or reduced-rate, world-wide travel privileges on Air Wisconsin, US Airways, US Airways Express, America West and America West Express, and airlines with which Air Wisconsin maintains interline agreements.

Full-time employee Benefits include:

Medical and dental Insurance

Basic and Supplemental Life Insurance and Short Term Disability Insurance

401(k) with Employer Contribution and some limitations

Entitlements to sick leave and flexible spending accounts

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