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Update: AirTran Airways (Not to be confused with Air Transat) - was an American low-cost airline headquartered originally in Orlando, Florida then in Dallas, Texas after its acquisition by Southwest Airlines, with which it was integrated. 

AirTran operated nearly 700 daily flights, primarily in the eastern and mid-western United States, with its principal hub at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport where it operated nearly 200 daily departures. AirTran's fleet consisted of Boeing 717 aircraft, of which it was the largest operator, and Boeing 737-700 aircraft. It was fully integrated into Southwest Airlines on December 28, 2014.
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Air Tran Flight Attendant Careers are about innovative people dedicated to delivering the best flying experience to smart travellers every day or so says their mission statement.

Certainly Air tran states to support a loyal culture among its employees and is fairly extensive in its guiding principles and values and for the best part it would appear that air trans is achieving its employment satisfaction goals.

Their philosophy of supplying a lot for little cost seems to be working helped by having a very young fleet of Boeing aircraft, and they continue to expand and advertise a sustainable growth forecast which is based on a long term vision and a solid plan. All 4 quarters of 2009 were positive with the first quarter of 2010 showing negative and the rest of the year being back into positive territory.

Air Tran is a low-fare airline and one of Americas largest employing some 9000 crew members operating over 700 departures to more than 56 destinations on a daily bases.

Operating Boeing 717’s and the recently added Boeing 737-300 aircraft which is one of the most fuel efficient and green friendly birds in the sky, the airline is in good position to keep running costs to a minimum.

Like many airlines of the last couple of decades, what we now colloquially refer to as Air Tran was originally born under another name. It started out life as ValueJet airlines which in turn were created by many ex employees of the now defunct Eastern Airlines.

ValueJet started in late 1993, went public in 1994 and was named as a top company in 1995 with posted net profits of $67 Million.

Air Tran on the other hand was founded by AirTran Corporation and grew to a fleet of 11 Boeing aircraft when on July 10, 1997 ValuJet announced plans to buy the holding company of AirTran and in September of the same year changed its name to AirTran Airways. And while there is quite a bit more to the brief history, the outcome was that headquarters of the new entity was combined in January 1998 and based in Orlando and the new management team then set about improving operating efficiencies.

Aggressive changes saw the airline grow quickly into a strong aviation competitor, in part due to operating one of the youngest all Boeing fleet in the nation.

Proof enough that the airline is more than holding its own is in winning the coveted Airline Quality Rating (AQR) study for 2008 and 2009 award for being the airline in the top spot for low cost carriers.

Air tran flight attendant careers – employment opportunities

All opportunities are via a search page from the careers section of their web site. You can apply for an open position or simply complete the Candidate profiler. You will need to answer a few questions which they say will take about 5 minutes of your time.

Having entered your details in the system you will then receive updates of jobs that meet your criteria as they become available. You may also immediately apply for an position that is open and then login at anytime to monitor your submissions.

Should you be successful you will be contacted via email or phone depending on your original contact request details. If you are applying for Air tran flight attendant careers you will be required to submit for and pass a:

• Drug Test

Physical Exam

Human Performance Evaluation

10-year Background Investigation


Valid Drivers License

3-year Motor Vehicle Record

And present a DD214 (if applicable)

AirTran then visit selected cities to interview qualified candidates for their advertised jobs.

This will normally be by way of your attendance at an ‘open house’.

NOTE: AirTran run career information sessions for open positions called open houses from time to time in selected cities seeking innovative, courteous, and friendly professionals to join the airline.

Prior to attending an open session you will need to submit your application online. You will need to go back up to 10 years for your employment, education and residency history.

Is Air Tran your sort of company?

More information on the how to of Air Tran Flight Attendant jobs and career availability with other airlines check out The Secrets of flight attendant Interviews

As an applicant for Air tran flight attendant careers you will need to have a range of qualifications, abilities and attributes as per ‘normal’ flight attendant requirements. And while there is a long list of them as clearly presented in video manual 1 of the AIRLINES Be a Flight Attendant today program, one value that stood out in particular for an In-flight Supervisor role responsible for managing Flight Attendants that would cause me to seek to know all the values of the airline.

The stated value was to have and provide belief and support of AirTran Airways' Guiding Principles being Safety, Courtesy, Pride, Teamwork, and Innovation

Funnily enough they missed other stated guiding principles that can be found here . You’ll also learn of their Mission Statement and 10 values here too.

Obviously you’ll have to have authorization to work in the United States without sponsorship (current or future), and be able to provide 10 years of employment, education and unemployment history per FAR 108.33

A FBI criminal history check will have to be clean in not showing any felony convictions in the last 10 years either.

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