Air France Airlines to Take Delivery of its 200th Boeing Aircraft... which means more jobs!
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Air France Airlines continues to purchase new aircraft Circa 2010 and refit many of the current fleet with new seats and internal fit-outs. With a total fleet size of 380 aircraft (including 125 that fly the regional subsidiaries) Air France has an average fleet age of 9.9 years making it a modern fleet by world standards.

Update - Air France joined forces with KLM in 2004 to create the


More than 104,000 employees 

Carries more than 71 million pax/year

Over 590 aircraft

240 plus destinations

21 Billion Euros in turnover / year!

More info on KLM Airlines here

An Air France plane takes off to one of their 189 destinations in any of 83 countries 1,800 times a day which is crewed from any of their 15000 flight crew staff!

As cabin crew, you are front-line to customers and assume the responsibility to be an ambassador for the company on behalf of the company. You as a team member are responsible for passenger safety and for delivering the high levels of personalized customer service expected of you by the company.

Want to fly with Air France?

Here’s what Hedi, Julian and Brigitte have to say about being a flight attendant with Air France

”The advice I would give those who wish to pursue this profession, it is firstly to love people and diversity, to feel the real taste of the service and the personal and collective. We must also prepare for a lifestyle different from the whole of society and know that for us, the holidays and festivals are days like the others.” Hedi, Sector steward Americas REF: read more here - opens in a new window)

”Openness, self-control, patience and good manners are all qualities that reflect the values of this profession and why I find myself. I must not forget to mention my attraction to travel and discover the world. I love being around people and discover different cultures.” Steward Europe business. (REF: read more here – opens in a new window)

”You need to maintain good physical health through proper management of sleep and playing sports.” Brigitte, chief purser Asia segment REF:( read more here – opens in a new window)

How do you become a member of the Air France Airlines cabin crew?

Do you meet this entry criteria? You...

Have a High school diploma or equivalent

Speak fluent French, English another language if possible. (Candidates with a TOEIC or above 665 and a validity of less than two years will be exempted from the English test

Are a citizen of an EU country

Are certified in Emergency Safety and hold a Safety training certificate that meets the requirements of EU-OPS.

And do you think you have a pleasant disposition and attitude and keep yourself physically fit?

Does a career with an Air France Airlines appeal to you?

Yes...? then this link will interest you (

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