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When it comes to Air Canada flight attendant jobs, this company was one of the top 15 employers in Montreal in 2008. Perhaps even more telling, Air Canada was voted as having the best flight attendants in North America, which means they have a high standard but also that they treat their employees excellently as well.

They have many exciting opportunities available, which are of course always changing, and it's important to have a good grasp of what they are trying to achieve, what they expect from their employees and what the benefits are to joining their organisation. Working as an Air Canada flight attendant can be very exciting and it can help you travel the world, or thrive in an exciting atmosphere closer to home.

Working at Air Canada

The mission at Air Canada is Connecting Canada and the World and as an Air Canada flight attendant you will be at the forefront of this by serving as one of the chief forms of interaction between customer and company.

 At Air Canada, they strive to ensure that every customer is valued, but every employee is valued as well. This creates an atmosphere where it's easy to craft loyalty, display passion and do your best on every level. 

As an Air Canada flight attendant, your job is to keep the company's mission and values at the focus at all times. It's acting with integrity and accountability, being part of a team, always driving for excellence and always making safety the top priority.

Benefits in terms of life insurance and accident insurance are available. Additionally, travel discounts both for flying and other services through their partners are available as well, for yourself, your immediate family and your traveling companions.

Air Canada have also negotiated discounts with their partners on car rental, hotel accommodations, vacation packages and tour operators such as Interline Plus and you as an Air Canada Flight Attendant along with all employees are offered these extended external benefits.

Air Canada has crafted a very positive reputation for doing their best to care for and nurture their employees, cultivate strong, career minded individuals over the long haul and much more, making them a highly valued place to work.

Personally, while I’ve only ever been to Canada once way back in 1992, and I have never flown Air Canada. I don’t know anyone who is an Air Canada Flight Attendant either. What I do know is that Celine Dion sings on their commercials though.

Take a listen to this one if you’ve not heard it. I’m not a fan of Celine but this one and the commercial is not bad.

And yes one day I want to get back to Canada for a holiday. If you are an Air Canada Flight Attendant and you can tell me more information that might be good for new flight attendant applicants that I can add to this page please drop me a line.


Air Canada Flight Attendant Requirements and Duties

If you want to work as an Air Canada flight attendant there are some minimum requirements that you have to meet:

  • You have to be at least 18 years of age with a valid Canadian passport and be able to obtain Transport Canada's Security Clearance
  • You have to have a high school diploma or an achieved equivalent
  • Meet medical standards, be well groomed and personable
  • Complete eight week training program

In addition to all of this, there are many key factors that they look for in what will separate the good candidates from others. Safety always has to be the first priority, and that's extremely important as an Air Canada flight attendant. You have to believe in teamwork and adaptability, and you have to be personable and friendly, or as they call it, "Service with Flair".

Being multilingual is a big plus with this airline, as would make sense in a country that is bilingual and an international airline with the mission of connecting to the world. Preference is for candidates that are fluent in both English and French. Those fluent in only one of those languages but with other fluencies such as Spanish, Japanese, Mandarin, Korean, Greek, Portuguese and more are also highly valued.

As you could expect of a flight attendant or a similar position with any other airline, there are a few major or essential duties and functions. The first of these is to handle all of the safety duties, including demonstrations, announcements and more, along with responding to in-flight situations.

Service has to be consistent, approachable and friendly, and you should maintain a caring disposition, treating each customer as individual and valued. Of course, you'll also be expected to respond to anything else that arises, and to respond with that same demeanour and safety first approach.


Air Canada Routes, Destinations and More

The main offices for Air Canada are in Montreal, although they have locations in Toronto, Vancouver and other Canadian and other North American cities as well. They have a wide variety of different routes, including regional lines in Canada, cross-country Canadian lines, a wide variety of routes to the United States and other international lines to Europe, Asia, Latin America and more. In short, it means that you should be able to find a flying situation that works best for your preferences and your choice of lifestyle.

Air Canada has a fleet of 334 aircraft at the time of this writing, which includes the 133 aircraft that are flown under the Jazz line. There are Boeing aircraft such as the 777 and 767 and Airbus aircraft such as the A330, A321, A320 and A319. There are also Embraer aircraft including the 190 and 175. The Jazz line uses smaller planes from Canadair and De Havilland.

Their single most populous plane with 45 in the fleet is the Embraer 190, which seats 93 and has a range of 2,200 miles. Next, with 41 planes in the fleet, is the Airbus A320 which seats 146 and has a range of 2,700 miles.

More information on the how to of Air Canada Flight Attendant jobs and career availability with other airlines check out The Secrets of flight attendant Interviews

Hopefully you now have a better idea about Air Canada and working as an Air Canada flight attendant, in what could be a very exciting and fulfilling career. And again, if you’re an Air Canada Flight Attendant and can add to this page, drop me a line.

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