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AeroGal airlines is based in San Francisco de Quito, most often called Quito, and operates domestic flights in Ecuador which is in north-western South America. It is also the main provider of flights to the Galapagos Islands. (Incidentally the Galapagos Islands are a ‘must-see’ destination for many foreign travelers.

Update of merger and name change of AeroGal (established 1986), to Avianca.

Courtesy wikipedia, in October 2009, AeroGal announced its merger with the Colombian airline Avianca, and the Salvadoran airline TACA. AeroGal merged with VIP Ecuador in 2012 and the last flight to New York was April 17, 2012.

Avianca report-ably owns the majority of the airline with more than 81% acquired with an investment of US$7.2 million. As with any merger this is intended to strengthen and modernize the company. Despite the merger and purchase made by Avianca, AeroGal continued to use its AeroGal identity until 2014 and intends to continue to operate in Ecuador. It wasn't until June 18, 2014, that the airline was renamed Avianca Ecuador.

An update to this AeroGal page information to the newly merged and new airline of Avianca is being written. (look for tab in navigation bar)

The following AeroGal information is left for reference, search and information purposes.

Their network of (nine) domestic destinations include flights to:

1. Baltra

2. Coca

3. Cuenca

4. Guayaquil

5. Lake Agio

6. Manta

7. Portoviejo

8. Quito

9. San Cristobal

Internationally Aerogal airlines flies to New York, Medellin and Bogota in neighbouring Colombia and has been flying to Miami USA since December 2008. The Miami connection provides a great service for passengers travelling from London and other European airports.

Commencing operations in 1985 with 2 x Dornier DO-28-D2 twelve seat aircraft, AeroGal airlines now operate a Boeing fleet of 15 aircraft of 737’s, 757’s and 767’s.

So what would a Flight Attendant Career with AeroGal be like?

Well, while AeroGal are a reasonably small airline, it is known as being the airline of Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands and it is based in the fourth-cheapest city in the world for real estate which are two great reasons to look further with this airline. [Other airlines of Ecuator are - Aero Express - Del Ecuador - Icaro Air - LAN Ecuador - SAEREO – TAME – and VIP Ecuador]

The AeroGal mission statement states that they want to exceed all expectations of quality and customer service and their ‘Vision’ is to remain the leading airline of Ecuador and Latin America in 2014.

Their Company Values are to...

Be Safe 

Be Helpful 

Provide quality service to their customers in all activities 

Be efficient in all their activities 

Have self motivated staff 

Be innovative 

Create and maintain a competitive advantage through ingenuity to good use 

Support and encourage commitment to the Company

Galapagos AeroGal Airlines by their own definition are a customer service focused airline that also operates a cargo operation. They are about efficiency, safety and punctuality and quality service and state that they support technology and training and promote and encourage the right ethics in their staff.

They are aware of their environmental footprint on the world and support a health and safety focus through Occupational Health and Safety regulations to minimise all possible work place risks for their employees to provide a work place that is enjoyed by all.

Does a career with an AeroGal appeal to you?

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