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A Little About Me and Flight Attendant Careers.com

Hello my name is Tom and this web page I hope will share a little of my background with you.

And off the bat... I have to say that of all the pages on this web site I think the hardest to write was this ‘About Me’ page – (“Just try writing something about yourself that the world can read and you’ll know what I mean.”).

However I persist because I find that the ‘About Me’ pages on other web sites are normally of great interest and they enable me to find out more about what and who is behind the site. I hope I can make this page worth your time and interest in sharing some behind the scenes ‘stuff’ about me, my work, this web page, why I created this flight attendant website and whatever else comes to mind as I write this, so here goes...

Personally I’ve flown for near on 18 years and I’m now with my 4th airline. I’ve flown domestically as a Flight Attendant for nearly 8 years and then Cabin Manager for more than 7 years with 3 years international flying. I’ve flown both RPT and Charter work and I’m now back flying internationally on wide bodied aircraft.

In all I think I’ve flown on 11 aircraft types including Boeing, Airbus, BAE and Fokker. While my favourite is wide-bodied anything (altho’ my two favourites are the 747 and the A330) I’ve been to ground school on the Fokker F50 (prop), F27(prop), F28 - Boeing 727, 737, 747 (Wide-Body), 757, 767 (Wide-Body) – Airbus A320, A321, A330 (Wide-Body), and BAE 146 aircraft.

I also briefly flew commercially having obtained my commercial pilot’s licence in 1989 in Cessna 172 and 186 aircraft and later obtained an Aerobatic licence in a Decathlon (tail dragger aircraft.) ‘I have to tell you that aerobatics is a lot of fun -  there’s nothing like hanging upside down in an aeroplane and then leaving your stomach behind as you roll out and push the nose down!’

I did spend some time out of the airlines after my beloved airline Ansett Australia and Ansett International (same name but two companies) went into liquidation in 2001.

Thinking that I’d give flying a break for a while after 16 years I went back to study in an effort to find another passion.

A rare photo from my policing days! Some parts of my job were pleasant  - (Performing a public service with this photo shoot while on patrol with a probationary constable in the gardens

I have achieved several Certificate studies in Finance, Fitness and Teaching of English and completed 4 Diploma studies in business, recreation, and training & assessment before going onto become a Police Officer and completing my Diploma of Public Safety.

This I might say was a fantastic experience but absolutely shocking lifestyle and poor pay. Particularly in light of what I was used to.

Never had I been so fat, unfit and unfinanced as I was when I wore a semi-automatic pistol on my hip and flashed a badge at people I really didn’t want to! And to be frank, there was just so much wrong with being a copper.

There is absolutely no respect for law and order from those that choose to break it because the do-gooders of society have lobbied and forced ‘andy-pandy’ sentences to be delivered on ‘I’m being rehabilitated crims’ that there really is no meaningful disincentive not to recommit an offence.

And before I get off my high horse here, when you wear a badge you wear it 24/7. Yes even out of uniform you are a copper and even on holidays overseas. Here’s the kicker to that... If while on holiday (out of  your jurisdiction), and by some chance you did not act in a way befitting the code of conduct of the Police Service, and the ‘Brass’ found out, you would be having tea and bickies with the boss when you returned home. And I’m not talking about breaking any laws here, but conduct that can be seen as ‘normal’ in society is not always good enough or accepted by the ‘Brass’ when you are purported to be the ‘Pillar of Society.’

And as I get down from this horse... you sometimes, well many times you can have but a nano-second to make a 100% lawful decision. Well you had better hope that it was 100% lawful because if you didn’t follow procedure to the letter they (even your own brass) will crucify you in court. You see it is never the Police service that is wrong; it’s always the Police Officer.

It sounds fair in theory but when you’ve got a ‘Crazy’ coming at you for example swinging a machete and hell bent on doing some damage, do you warn him to put down the weapon (several times as per procedure) and arrest him peacefully... or shoot him! Bear in mind a knife wielding ‘Crazy’ can cover approx’ 7 metres (22 feet) of ground before you can get your pea shooter out of your holster and unload.

Ok, I’ve tied up my horse... So nearing the end of my third year in ‘the force’ I decided I’m not happy so let’s move on. Having been a property investor since my early 20’s I’m fortunate not to have to work too hard now so I headed south to fix up one of my houses. It was during this time there was bereavement in my family with my beautiful Dad passing unexpectedly. I decided to pack up and head home to be with my mum now in her eighties.

Well, deciding you can’t sit and do nothing in life for too long I did many jobs I didn’t really want to do (and some I did want to) in the next 3 years that included being a first aid teacher, a long haul coach driver, a Cruise Director on a paddle river boat and a cement truck driver before moving back into the airline system I had now grown to miss very much. This I did with a low cost operator.

Can I say here and now that low cost operators are not my favourite operators but I decided to use it as my stepping stone to get back into the type of flying that I wanted to do. Let me add that in now being with the airline that I want to be with and in a place I want to be I consider that if I’m not in heaven then I’m very close to it.

As I said first up my passion is flying and if I can help you get a job like mine through this web site and The Secrets of Flight Attendant Interviews then that will please me and I hope you, no end.

About My Web Site and The Secrets of Flight Attendant Interviews

Well after my old airline was liquidated I became fascinated by the web and the future growth that it promised. I set about searching and learning about what I was going to do from that moment on. I even spent 3 weeks holed up in my garage I was living in at the time (long story) and taught myself the basics of learning Front Page (a website building software program). There have been many years since in learning a lot more about building web sites I might add, but that was enough to get me keen on doing ‘things’ on the web.

In looking at employment options I decided to put up my first web site. In essence this was the start of what now is Flight-Attendant-Careers.com 

Having been involved in many aspects of the flight attendant position including check and training, Cabin Management, and interviewing I decided to put what I knew down on paper. Basically it was directed at helping people who wanted to become a flight attendant.

I then added other manuals and information to what was fast become an awesome resource. The information concentrated on specifics such as how to answer interview questions, team work in interviews, dress standards for interviews, etc and supplemented this with aviation information that I thought would be both interesting and good for you to know about the industry that you as a potential new flight attendant wanted to enter.

It became a huge resource which I then thought for those that are short on time, really do need a condensed comprehensive version. Hence the online flipbook plus bonus of The Secrets of Flight Attendant Interviews that you can now check out by simply clicking the image below

So that’s ‘About Me’ finished really and the quick intro of the Secrets ebook and ‘About this web site’ and I guess as I sit here and write I may as well share the beginnings of that with you too.

The Beginnings of This Web Site and the Software Program I Use

Where shall I start without boring you? 
Back when the web started to become big news and building a website was a foreign art to most and something that web builders charged an arm and a leg for, (and still do!) I became very interested in how I too can have a website and take what I know – All about the Flight Attendant world to the web world.

Well let me tell you I spent many many hours in my garage (another long story I won’t bore you with here) learning how to build web sites. I even paid US$500 dollars to a web marketer who sold the ‘How To’ of building websites via a CD disc learning program and what I look back on now and laugh. I guess it taught me a lot at the time but compared to what is available now it really was bare basic.

It did however enable me to learn enough to build the foundation that got me hooked on everything ‘web.’ And yes probably like you, if you too are interested in building a web business I spent many hours in-front of the computer screen. The worst thing in discovering what the web has to offer however is that there is so much ‘out there’ that it becomes totally intoxicating and unbelievably time consuming.

I was bent on wanting to be on the web and I’ve been more than frustrated while also spending lots of money in the pursuit of succeeding at this web thing only to fail spectacularly on so many occasions. I then started to think that I’ve given ‘this thing’ more than enough time to work I had better wake up to myself, stop wasting my life and get a real job so to speak.

Well just as I had had enough of chasing my tail and about to throw up the white flag I just happened to find what you are now looking at. Well I found the makings of it any way.

In short they call it SBI and after having spent so many years at trying everything that I could poke a stick at for little more than meagre success, I sensed funnily enough that I was onto something with SBI.

I signed up and immediately started out on building a website. Basically I learnt enough about the system to get a web site up and running but I think that after all these years I had become inpatient! Personally, I had become so busy with everything else in life that I didn’t concentrate hard enough or at least take the time needed to join the dots so to speak although my original website is now working quite well – just not as well as I now know it can.
SBI offer everything and if only I had the time to diligently go through it step-by-step as many in the testimonial pages have done I would be so much further advanced. I guess my only advice to myself is to just do what they say to do.

However I was impatient and I personally came to the realisation that I had become a jack of all trades and master of none and that sometimes for people like me that’s OK. It’s ok to not know everything and in fact you don’t have to know everything, so long as you know someone that does. Well at least the things that you don’t know about websites anyway.

And most fortunately for me and others like me, SBI now offer specialists in using the software to build your web site. And this was huge for me because I knew how good this software was so now that this service is actually offered in-house so to speak I couldn’t believe it. My dots were about to be joined.

When I found the link I made a couple of email inquiries which I guess further endorsed the bonafide service offered. Basically I could do as much or as little as I wanted to for my new website. I could write the web pages wrapped around the proven keywords that they supply to you or you could do them yourself or just edit them. There were many options of becoming as involved as I wanted.

The lady I spoke to then put me through to a specialist on the other side of the world to where I call home and we exchanged notes.

Within 3 days I made the decision.
I opted for the 30 page web site version and set about writing the content even though the package offers to write all the content for me. It was after all, my specialty and really if I tell the truth, my passion. Of the pages that I was stretched to write content on I simply had the writer do for me. I just gave them a page brief and I would then edit the draft before having it posted on the site.

The absolute best part and for what I personally was paying the money for was the keyword research, the site map and the linking. The software automatically does the ‘CEO’ of the pages that go up on your site. This in essence is what I was missing and while I could have spent more time in learning just how this is done, the value to me was that I saved the time to learn what I was never going to find the time to be an expert in and my site got the professional final input that I think it needed.

And the result of that is this site which now self generates traffic that continues to astound me every day and obviously that also generates income for me too. I’m so happy that I didn’t give this web thing away before I found a way to join the dots.

A couple of things you should know if your thinking this might be the opening that you too are looking for is that this is a ‘paid for’ service and while they can write the content and build you a web site that works, you should at least do the final edit. It really does personalise things when you put your own slant on the content that you put on your web site as you can probably tell with the way I write this.

I just pasted English at school but who cares, I’ve got spell checker and I’m telling you how it is as I see it and really that’s the secret. Leave all that keyword, linking and SEO stuff to the experts.

While I wish I found this site builder earlier, it has literally save me years and who knows how many thousands of dollars and now has set me up with my own online store. Basically it’s now become my business that is open 24/7 that gives me financial security by being able to share my passion with others.

Anyway I’ve gotten carried away here, but let me say one more thing before I give you some links to discover it for yourself...

If you’re thinking that you want to be a small business owner then an on-line business is definitely a great way to go. It has virtually no overheads, no staff, no holiday pay, no closing hours, no infrastructure requirements and basically none of the ‘normal’ headaches and expenses of what a conventional business does.

However, don’t think just because you decide to put a web site up that you are in business. Like any business it does take work to establish. In fact it can take a lot of work depending on what your goals are. Personally I wanted to earn enough money to pay my rent and then my mortgage and then to replace my income.

A fully functioning website that creates its own traffic as the Solo Build It system does becomes a potential ‘great’ business with the right monetization options.

Personally I love downloadable products because after I have spent the time and money to create a product I then continue to get paid for that work every time someone downloads it. Talk about leverage! Effectively that means work once and get paid over and over again for that same original work. Talk about a business model!

One very important aspect of this is that the time needed to initially start this potential money stream can be demanding for some altho’ if it’s your passion then really it becomes a hobby that actually pays! I guess too that the money required can also be an obstacle however effectively its pittance in comparison to conventional business.

Somehow some people don’t think twice about putting 2,3,4,5 hundred thousand dollars on the line in a conventional businesses but baulk at the few thousand dollars it could take to get a fully functioning web site up and running that could provide far more income and certainly a far greater ROI than just about any bricks and mortar businesses that I can think of.

I guess without raving on here and before clicking on the links below that will give you more info, I’d like to say that the only advice I have is that if you really want to save one heck of a lot of time and money in building a website on ‘something’ that becomes your paying business, then do it with Solo Build It and if you haven’t got the time to do it for yourself then find an expert to put it together for you.

Having built my first two Solo Build It web sites, I employed an expert for this one and I’ll do the same for when I decide to do another one. It’s the best decision I’ve made hands down.

I should reiterate that while I personally love downloadable products as a business, Solo Build It will work equally well for conventional businesses because they both depend on the same thing; traffic. Yes traffic, visitors, customers, purchases, clients, call them what you like.

Anyway I’ve raved on long enough here...

By the way you’ll find that if you have a passion for something then there are huge possibilities to make money out of it with Solo Build It. It really is amazing what some people have done with this website building software.

Now it’s high time I finished this page and let me leave you with this, thanks for reading; I hope you’ve found something informative and may your dream to become a flight attendant take flight sooner rather than later. It really is a corker of a job with the right airline. I’m currently a 12 hour flight away from home in a beautiful hotel room overlooking a pool you could land the Catalina Sea Plane on as I write this. To me that certainly beats driving cement trucks as I used to do in my not so distant past.

Again, if you too get the passion to get your own web site up and running my whole hearted best advice is to pay to have it done for you through the Solo Build It services. Particularly if you want your site to get FREE traffic and be an income source for you. It is so worth it I promise you. Obviously if you have the time to do it all yourself dive right in because all the Solo Build It tools are there.

If you have any doubts or questions on it and you’d like to know more, ask it to Solo Build It business services direct here.

Or just email me via my Contact Page and I’ll help out further if I can.

Cheers for now and thanks again for reading.

See you up there.


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