A Flight Attendant Career Will Give You the Quartet of Human Desires... Freedom, Money, Lifestyle and Love!

A flight attendant career will give you in one package what many people fail to get in their life from many packages. The four most wanted things that everyone wants the – ‘Quartet of Human Desires’ is:

1) Freedom

2) Money 

3) Lifestyle and...

4) Love!

Yes this career will give you a lot of it. In fact... it will give you more than lots; it will give you an abundance of all of it.

Of course everything in life is relative, and to give or make any real value of the quartet of human desires, comparisons need to be made for what each element means to you. For some, freedom might be everything. 

For others it’s money that is the most important thing and for others again its lifestyle. However, ask a single person in their early 20’s or heaven forbid nearing the big 4 Ohhhh... and you will probably quickly identify its love or relationships and happiness that are the most important.

We are pretty much all the same when it comes to what is important in life in any given time span and the simple truth of all of it is that a flight attendant career will give it to you.

The thing about a flight attendant career however is, that you don’t have to think about what is the most important of the ‘Quartet of Human Desires’ because this job choice will give it to you. You can have it all, in abundance!

Is there clauses and interpretations? Of course there is but let me do the best to explain the quartet of human desires.

A flight attendant career will give you freedom. Particularly so with legacy airline flight attendant careers

Freedom to travel, freedom to have week days off or long weekends on a regular basis. Certainly I work a 24/7 roster which includes xmas and new year and on my birthday etc. But flight attendants are governed by the number of hours they can work.

WARNING Some airline work contracts could be accused of disregarding the safety aspects of why this limitation was put in place in the first place, some might even say they may be exploiting their workers! - However, let’s just say if you know of such airlines don’t apply to work for them.

Your time off becomes very constructive when you have a flight attendant career because the hours you actually work really does free up your days off. You’ll be at work for example when most pundits are at home only to be watching TV or you’ll be up and away while they are still sleeping and home or at the hotel finished work by the time they are ordering lunch.

The day is then yours to do as you please. Play tennis, pay bills, go to the beach or the shops. Maybe look after the kids or pick them up from school. Go to the movies in the cheap time, visit the zoo without the weekend crowds or simply pull the curtains and have a good ole fashioned siesta!

Yes you’ll gain one heck of a lot of freedom for life when you become a career flight attendant

A flight attendant career will give you money. Now let’s put this in perspective. For the best part flight attendants are well paid, certainly for most, not as well as in the good old days of flying but still well paid.

How much? There is no simple answer to that question and this is not a cop-out because it depends on so many factors.

For instance, I have worked for a low cost carrier LCC and the pay was abysmal. However, I have worked for a Legacy carrier and the pay was sensational. 
Yes I have also worked for an International carrier and charter operator and the money in comparison sits somewhere in between. But let’s look past the dollar figure and spot the value or the ‘conditions’ and you can only really get a handle on this if you compare it to job opportunities and their conditions available and obviously wages paid currently being done and received by the masses. One such employment sector would have to be the retail job market. 

For most in the retail sector, a 6 and even 7 day week is either regular or expected once or twice a month. It also means you work 8 to 9 hours a day. That means you’re working up 196 hours a month and it means by default just 4 to 6 days off a month! And for how much an hour? 
Again it depends on many factors but personal experience on the low end saw me valued at just $12.50/hr with the top end just $18.60/hr.

Here’s the comparison for all bar a low cost carrier. You’ll never work 196 hours and you’ll never earn the bottom end of the retail employment market rate. It means that you work less and get paid more in comparison to most alternative employment opportunities.

A flight attendant career will give you lifestyle. Yes becoming a flight attendant will put you into a world of its own. Without doubt you will life a champagne lifestyle on a beer budget. Most people save a year, even a lifetime to stay in ‘flash’ hotels or to take a bi-annual holiday. They’ll even save for a stay in a 4 star hotel or pay hundreds for a two day getaway. Hello, this is something that you’ll experience (for airlines that operate overnights) on a regular bases.

Not only that but you will be paid a tax free allowance to stay there!

And here is the sad part of that for some flight attendants that have been flying for some time... they complain! Yes true.

I have been on an extended stay in a 5 star hotel with views to a lake you could land a sea plane on complete with gym facilities and all the goodies of a 5 star hotel and some on the crew had the audacity to complain. A sad loss on reality for what most people don’t have access to. Particularly those not in an airline system where it’s all paid for you! 

Possibly the turn down service did not leave a chocolate on their pillows! (sic)

Lifestyle also extends to enjoying the spoils of a jet setting environment simply because you fly.

A flight attendant career will give you love. Yes love. Now get excited but keep your mind clean. What do people most complain about when single and working an office job or retail job or jobs that in all likely-hood they have had since leaving school?

Not only that but they have the same social set and go to the same old places every time they go out. I say the constant complaint is..., ‘I never get the chance to meet anyone nice’ or depending on the terminology that you use or the age bracket that you are in, ‘Where are all the spunky guys or hot chicks’! Yes we are all creatures of habit and it’s a fair bet you resonate with this complaint.

Well here’s the answer... get a flying job. You’ll meet more people in a day than you’ll meet in a week sitting in an office and if you’re working in a male or female retail outlet... hello but for the most part males go into male shops and females go into female shops and if there should be cross over its because they are shopping for their partner!

Personally I am very lucky and if it wasn’t for flying I would not have met the beautiful lady that is now in my life. Yes it might have taken me years but it was because I fly that I met or reconnected with her.

Ands it doesn't stop there (or perhaps that should be here) either because there is heaps of flight attendant career advancement opportunities available once you have some flying experience under your belt.

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