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Flight Attendant Careers FaceBook News, Issue #008
May 28, 2011

Extra Face BookPage Launch Special News

Your Direct Link to Your Flight Attendant Careers Bonus

Hi Tom here,

I’m sorry I sent you to the new FaceBook wall page of Flight Attendant Careers instead of the New 'WELCOME’ page where you can download your f*ree download of "No Such Thing As Chance"...

"Like the page and download a Freebie today with compliments”!

(Becoming a Flight Attendant really does start with an opportunity and here it is brought to you by the FAAN ezine.)

Simply click the 'Like Graphic' to check out the the FaceBook page... click 'Like' when you get there and download your freebie with our compliments.

Hope you enjoy

EXTRA EXTRA: If you want an inside look at "Flight Attendant Interviews Made Easy..." the first 3 chapters then I have a copy for you. Just get back to me and simply ask for it and I'll send you a copy.

How easy is that? I just want to test if this email is getting through to my readers and the best way is to give all those that reply another great gift.

To make it as easy as possible for you simply click this link and it'll take you to my 'Contact Page' on my website. Ask for your copy in the 'form box' provided and ask me for the Flight Attendant Interviews Made Easy... the first 3 chapters and I’ll send you a copy. Easy peasy.

By the way if you've got a question while your there, just ask me.

Want to know more about the AFAA system to fast track you Flight Attendant Career?"

Check it out here

Hope you're having a great day, Cheers for now and chat to you on FaceBook soon.
PPS: Standy-by for more airline news coming...

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