Flight Attendants See The World and Earn A Living continued... 

By Jonathan Leger - freelance writer - Flight Attendants see the world and earn a living.

Calling all flight attendants, see the world and earn a living

See the world on someone else's dime!  This may be the primary advantage of being a flight attendant. There are career possibilities for flight attendants in all areas of aviation, from international and domestic airlines, to the luxurious jets of the private airlines.

Some flight attendants opt for the smaller, less stressful commuter airlines. No matter which type of airline a flight attendant chooses, the benefits are good and the travel is great. 

Flight attendants are in charge of cabin operations on airline flights. They are responsible for ensuring each passenger has a safe and comfortable flight.

They will greet arriving passengers and help them find their seat. Flight attendants will help stow luggage and provide the in-flight safety briefing. 

Once the flight is in the air, they will serve beverages, meals and snacks.

They are also charged with helping any passengers with special requests. In the case of an in-flight emergency, the flight attendants are responsible for ensuring the safety of all passengers. 

And yes- flight attendants see the world and earn a living

Travel Opportunities

Not every flight attendant can get a job with one of the large international carriers, but even those who do not work directly for the airline may be able to get discounted or even free travel on partner airlines. Flight attendants typically have very generous travel benefits on their own airline.

Most companies allow their flight attendants and other staff to fly free when they are off and some even allow their employees to bring guests for free or for deeply discounted rates. True, most of this type of travel is standby, which means the flight attendant must wait to see if the flight has any available seats left after everyone has checked in. If a flight is full of paying customers, a flight attendant may be bumped from the flight. 

Compressed Work Schedules

Obviously when Flight Attendants see the world as part of their every day work - it correct to say that they do not work a traditional workday.

They typically work by flight and may work several flights in a row and then have several days off. They are also off between flights, during layovers, and even during cabin preparation. Much like emergency service providers and medical professionals, flight attendants will work for several days in a row and then are off for several more. 

Retirement And Health Insurance

Most major airlines provide excellent health benefits for their employees. These benefits typically include health, vision and dental. These benefits plans will usually also cover any dependents, although the flight attendant may have to pay additional premiums for any dependent coverage. Most airlines also offer some type of retirement plan, either profit-sharing or a 401 (k). 


Airlines will typically provide all training for their flight attendants. This training is rigorous and helps ensure all flight attendants provide quality customer care and completely understand all safety procedures. Some airlines also offer tuition assistance. 

Housing And Food

And while flight attendants see the world as they work - most of the major airlines will pay for a flight attendant's lodging also during all layovers. The airline may provide housing and food in their hub cities and all flight crews may use these facilities in between flights. 

Being a flight attendant comes with many great benefits, especially the opportunity to travel. Great working hours and good benefits and compensation packages make a career as a flight attendant a great choice.

Flight Attendants see the world and earn a living by Jonathan Leger a freelance writer and small business owner. He runs a popular question and answer website at #link_2820840

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