Avianca Ecuador Airlines – The Columbian Airline and VIP Ecuador

Avianca, then Aviance Ecuador Airlines was formerly known as AeroGal, and is an airline based in Quito, Ecuador. However the name of this airline and its ownership has more of a story to it.

The name was further adjusted on June 18, 2014, when the airline was renamed Avianca Ecuador.

Avianca Ecuador Airlines is an airline that is both a passenger and cargo service airline and operates flights within Ecuador, between the mainland and the Galápagos Islands, and between Ecuador and Peru (on behalf of Avianca Peru) and Colombia (on behalf of Avianca).

Talk about being a little intertwined and it just also happens to be one of the seven nationally branded airlines (Avianca Peru, Avianca Honduras, etc.) in the Avianca Holdings group of Latin American airlines and in reality it actually meets with its mission to connect the world to Latin America, and always striving to do more.

Following the merger, the number of of passengers Avianca transports each year increased 33% from 18 million to 24 million. 

Including flight attendants, in all it has in excess of 20,000 employees so it is quite a significant airline. It serves more than 100 direct destinations and connect with more than 1300 in 192 different countries.

It operates with 176 aircraft with the latest and greatest being the Boeing 787

WORK with Avianca Ecuador Airlines as a flight attendant

Unfortunately there is very little information on the Avianca Ecuador Airlines careers page of their website other than to say that they have a very clear goal: to attract the best human talent to make a difference with their clients.

Some of their youtube videos state that they are working on their culture will be the reference for the world of what Latin can be.

Seeking always honesty, Avianca establishes a Corporate Government that guarantees transparency and rectitude in their administrative labor, with stockholders and collaborators as well as direct customers. 

Their employees have pursued a wide variety of training and capacity-building programs focused on the development of people and their technical, administrative and operational skills.

For a little introduction to Avianca, here is one of their promotional videos.

Aside that there is little else on the site other than to invite you to register your CV and participate in our talent attraction processes. Apparently their team is the force that moves Avianca’s development.

My only suggestion here if you want to become a flight attendant with these guys is to simply go to the website and register you resume online 

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