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This Flight attendant Careers web site reveals all the info', tips and secrets of the Airline Flight Attendant Application process to people who want to make their dreams take flight without wasting precious time, money and effort and... risk failing because they didn’t know how to apply, how to easily avoid being culled at group interviews or answer one-on-one interview questions - NOTE: Like our Face Book page now and pick up a freebie...

Yes you'll find heaps of information about the application process to obtaining a flight attendant career with your favoured airline including resumes, cover letters, interviews, and training schools and more from a current international flight crew member right here.

Hi my name is Tom and can I add that you’ll find career opportunities for a growing list of airlines throughout the world and learn what others have done to fast track their dream of flying on this flight attendant careers web site to help you to become a flight attendant in the fastest or perhaps I should say quickest and easiest way possible.

Statistically more than 97% of flight attendant applicants fail to make their dream a reality. This site aims to help you be in the tiny 3% who do succeed and go onto live a lifestyle second to none.

'Personally I fly for a living and I’m now with my 4th airline in 18 years having been employed with a new airline at the age of 23, 35, 46 and again at 47 years of age. I'm currently with my 2nd international airline and loving every minute of it. I hope you pursue your dream because it really is worth it.'

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If you’re looking to do what I do, and I might be a little bias here, but I hope you are because it really is the best job in the world, then this site will definitely give you everything you need.

Plus the link to... The Secrets to Flight Attendant Interviews covers everything you need to know to become a Flight Attendant including... Role Specification, Airline Selection Criteria, Grooming Standards, Resume Construction, Target Selection Interviewing, Group Interview Rules, Team Work Criteria, How to Answer Interview Questions and more...

'Basically your path to a fantastic lifestyle job has never been easier with the right info right here on this web site. Yes after nearly 20 years in this job I still think it's the best kept secret. See you up there...'

Cheers, and happy flying, Tom

PS: You'll notice that the airlines already evaluated for you are in alphabetical order in the nav bar and include airlines of North & South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Antarctica, Australia and Oceania. More airlines will be added so come back often or simply subscribe to an RSS feed of this site and get the updates automatically.

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Airline Careers towards Your Heaven
Airline careers have an attraction the world over because they are unique. There are many choices of entry and for the most part the jobs are well paid in comparison to other industries
Flight Attendant Interview and How to Attend It with Success
If you’ve been called for a flight attendant interview then congratulations. It means that so far you’re resume and applicable cover letter has got you past a telephone interview
Flight Attendant Training - Your Essential Step Stone
Flight attendant training and training in general for air and ground crew is the cornerstone to almost everything that happens in aviation
Flight Attendant School - Back to Basics
More valuable info on Flight Attendant School - Airline Flight Attendant Training - Flight Attendant Training - Flight Attendant Training School or schools
Flight Attendant Employment
If your are seriously looking for flight attendant employment, you probably can use some suggestions from a experienced source
Jobs In the Airline Industry are Real
Jobs in the airline industry are providing great security for workers with demand set to continue through to at least 2020 at a healthy growth rate
Airline Steward jobs
Airline steward jobs are now generally referred to in the non-gender format of flight attendant jobs and yes every airline has them
Flight Attendant Wages
Flight attendant wages and conditions differ from airline to airline and attract many variables. Here are just a few quoted average gross incomes for flight attendants around the world
Flight Attendant Requirement details
What is the flight attendant requirement of an airline and what are the requirements that an airline looks for in a potential flight attendant are briefly explained for you here
Flight Attendant positions on board dictate an area of responsibility
Flight attendant positions on an aircraft are allocated prior to all flights and all have specific SOP’s and job roles. Here we take a look at the A320 aircraft positions
A Flight Attendant Career will change your life
When you compare a flight attendant career to the relative 9 to 5 drudgery most of us are forced to do to pay the bills you will wonder why you did not apply sooner and start living a life
AeroGal Airlines the airline of Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands
AeroGal Airlines are known as the airline of Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands. With high company values they are a great company to work for and fly with
Air Canada Flight Attendant Jobs in Focus
If you're looking for information about Air Canada flight attendant jobs then you're in the right place. This diverse and popular airline was voted as the best airline in North America in 2007
Air France Airlines
Air France Airlines offers exciting career opportunities with new aircraft deliveries and a competitive compensation and travel benefits package
Air India flight attendant jobs available with national flag carrier
Air India Flight Attendant opportunities are open to many nationals with English and one or more Indian languages
Air tran flight attendant careers
Air tran flight attendant careers are an excellent option to enter the aviation job marketst
Air Wisconsin Airlines
Air Wisconsin Airlines operate 70 regional jets with one Flight Attendant to 26 US states and two Canadian provinces. Check for more airline and job info here...
Alitalia Airlines - Alitalia makes Italy fly
Alitalia Airlines - The pleasure of flying made in Italy and if you can meet with their flight attendant entry requirements and want to apply then read more here
American Airline Jobs
Discover more about American Airline jobs, where and what they fly, their employment environment and benefits of being employed with American Airlines
BMI Airlines
BMI Airlines have global connections to more than 1167 destinations in 181 countries. Register your employment interest on the website
Cathay Pacific Airlines let your career fly
Cathay Pacific Airlines have a vision to be the world’s best airline to work and fly with. Here’s an insight as to how they operate and the opportunities available
China Airlines - 中国航空公司 – (CAL)
China Airlines like their economy has grown and continues to grow with flights to more than 28 countries. Their expansion plans include attractive remuneration and benefits packages for employees...
Colgan Air - Looking to join a dynamic group of aviation professionals?
Colgan Air operates 350 daily flights to 53 cities in 15 states and Canada and has established a reputation for exceptional service and are always looking for dynamic people...
Continental Airline Jobs
Discover more about Continental airline jobs, where and what they fly, their employment environment and benefits of being employed with Continental airline
Delta Airlines Jobs are Many and Diversified Around the World
The Culture of those with Delta Airlines jobs is about winning the hearts of passengers and flight attendants truly are the on-board “face of Delta"
Easyjet Airlines turning Europe orange
Easyjet Airlines are offering 15 different locations that you can apply to become either a permanent or seasonal flight attendant. I think this is quite amazing...
Emirates Airlines
Emirates airlines flight attendants enjoy some of the best conditions in the world and work for one of the world’s most progressive and impressive airlines
Etihad Airlines
Etihad Airlines don’t do things by half measure. They have achieved the status of the ‘Worlds Leading Airline’ for 2 consecutive years in a row for very good reason.
GoJet airlines are looking for dynamic individuals to join their team
GoJet airlines are a regional jet carrier flying 66 seat jets and are always looking for dynamic individuals to join their team. Click to check em out...
Gulf Air Careers - An air of flying opportunity
Gulf Air Careers are a haven for Flight Attendants with tax free income and generous travel benefits plus you’ll live in Bahrain surrounded by a beautiful archipelago of 33 islands...
Hawaiian Air info and career opportunities
Hawaiian Air also referred to as Hawaiian Airlines is America's favorite airline. If you're ready to make a difference why not join the team...
Jetblue Flight Attendants Are Wanted
If you ask yourself why Jetblue flight attendants and their job openings are so desired, here are some convincing arguments
Jetstar Airlines
Jetstar Airlines is an Australian and Singaporean low fares airline and is owned by Qantas Australia. It presents flight attendant employment opportunities for both overseas and Australian crew
KLM Airlines - (Royal Dutch Airlines)
KLM Airlines - Royal Dutch Airlines is a worldwide company based in the Netherlands that looks for passionate, talented and dynamic minded people to join their workforce...
Lufthansa Jobs present a fantastic opportunity for flight attendants
Answer yes to six questions about Lufthansa jobs and you are invited to apply and bring your most important prerequisites for a flight attendant service position with Lufthansa
Miami Air International
Miami Air International is a charter airline for upscale tour operators, singing stars, Fortune 500 companies, major cruise lines and the US Government. Check out the job opportunities...
Norwegian the Scandinavian airline
Norwegian is a public low-cost airline that is currently the third largest low cost operation in Europe and it has just signed-off on Europe’s largest ever single aircraft order. Now that means jobs!
Pet Airways - It really is a dogs life!
Pet Airways can you believe it. If you love your dog or dogs, want them to fly First Class, want to be a Pet Lounge Attendant or Manager or First Class In-Flight Pet Attendant then this is your page..
Piedmont Airlines
Piedmont Airlines – Work on state-of-the-art 50 seat turboprop aircraft. Check out more Flight Attendant conditions and benefits here...
Qantas Flight Attendant Means Working in Style
Look no further. Becoming a Qantas flight attendant is a goal for those who are seeking a ticket to see the world
Republic Airline - Want to Work in the world’s largest fleet of Embraer aircraft
At Republic Airline, our mission is to provide a safe, clean and reliable flying experience and With the BEST people, products and performance, we will be America’s Regional Airline of choice...
Ryanair Airlines
Ryanair Airlines is a low cost carrier and its no frills approach applies to just about everything including employment conditions but if you’re looking for an opportunity to start in the flying game
Skywest Flight Attendant - Age is No Barrier
A career as a Skywest flight attendant is distinct for the quality and stability of its work environment
Southwest Airline Jobs are Quality Jobs
If you want to work in a consolidated airline company, check out southwest airline jobs
Could a Spirit airline career be your entry to the airlines
A Spirit Airline Career starts by completing a 6 question questionnaire and uploading your resume to their email address
United Airline Jobs And The Rebuilding Process
Looking for United Airline jobs is choosing one of the most well known names in the industry, and they have a proud 80 year history as one of the leading airlines based out of the United States
US Airways jobs
US Airways jobs are highlighted by the miracle Hudson River landing which was something else again. So too the pride and job satisfaction that employees take in their jobs
V Australia Airlines jobs are sought after for very good reason
V Australia Airlines Flight Attendants get to shop Phuket, Los Angeles and Fiji with more opportunities bound to be coming as the airline expands. See more...
Virgin America airlines - Are you Virgin enough?
Virgin America Airlines want to know if you are Virgin enough to be an employee with them. To check out their Flight Attendant job opportunities click for more...
Westjet Airlines
Westjet airlines aims to be one of the five most successful international airlines in the world by 2016 and you can share in the profits as an employee and part owner
Flight Attendant Job FAQ - Find your answers HERE
Flight Attendant Job Questions And Answers: See questions from potential flight attendants the world over and read my answers to the most pressing questions
Contact Us For More Information
On this contact page you can leave any comment or ask me for more specific flight attendant career information
Flight Attendant Careers - About Me
A little bit of behind the scenes info about me, the history of this Flight Attendant Careers Web site plus... the AFAA 3 step system and a tad on SBI
Flight Attendant Careers Blog
The Flight Attendant Careers Blog is where you can follow all the updates and news on my flight attendant careers website
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